Your team during one evening will solve numerous puzzles and riddles in different bars and sights of the city, collection “antidote” in the form of cocktail drinks.
This game can be played by a team of two to ten people. This is excellent entertainment for a bachelor party, friends or work colleagues.
You the day and time yourself! It is possible to play our game in your convenient day (except monday, tuesday, wednesday and sunday). The game has to begin from 19:00 to 21:00. Duration of the game is about 5 hours, but no later than 02:00.

How it works

Buy the game online

Receive a code to your e-mail address

Choose the date and time of the game

Come together at the start point

Activate the game and enjoy it

Game legends

Zombies! The Humankind attacks! These assholes have invented a new virus code-named "Humanist". The virus is ruthless! It turns highbrows into baboons, baboons into humanists, and all common zombies into... HUMANS! We can't allow zombie culture to be wiped out and young zombies to grow up in a world where brains are blown out at school! In a world where you cannot rise from your own grave whenever you want, but the cemetery has no free Wi-Fi! In a world where no one believes in you, and any mortal may blame you for being rotten inside and denies your very existence! No! You are a leading Boozesquad of zombies! Our only hope in the face of almost inevitable - bleh! - humanization! Our scientists have earned the brains they eat - they have invented Antidote - heady but effective brew! Only well-coordinated teamwork will help you find Antidotes, safely hidden in the bars of the Old City, survive and save us all! Get on with it!!

Reservation of the game
price varies depending on number of players
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Important information

By registering participants thereby confirm that they are informed of rules of the game and undertake complete responsibility to follow them, and also they undertake complete responsibility for their health condition.

Members of game team confirm that they won't make any claim regarding lost things, injuries got by own negligence, underestimation of conditions or by other participants fault. During the game it is forbidden to bring any damage to the property of bars and municipal property. All tasks in the game are oriented to logical thinking and don't require the use of physical force.

This city quest can also be attended by larger groups – to apply please call us +371 23 7717 23 to organize the process.
It is a quest through bars – latest entertainment in Riga. It will be suitable for any kind of parties (bachelor parties, birthdays, holidays, etc.) or will just cheer up the evening for a small company. Participants of quest during few hours will solve riddles in The Old City and in bars, and also perform interesting tasks simultaneously. Tasks will be sent to the smartphone or a pad.
  • Quest participants must be at least 18 years old
  • Registration and payment of the game
  • Smartphone or pad with internet connection (team should have several devices in case of battery discharge),
If during the game you suddenly discharge your phone (or any other mobile device from which you play), you can just log in to the quest from other device and continue a game from where you stopped.
If you can't solve a puzzle, use hints. Hints will automatically appear on your mobile device with a certain interval. Depending on a riddle the number of hints can change.