Only your

Only your friends

You yourself make your team, in which there will be no outsiders and strangers. This entertainment is only for your circle of friends and acquaintances - make a team and set forth to one of our adventures.

The game is
in your phone

The game is in your phone

No need to download any applications - all you need is a modern smartphone and a permanent connection to the Internet. And if the phone is suddenly discharged, then the game can be continued from the phone of a boyfriend or a girlfriend.


Visiting locations

The uniqueness of our mobile quests belongs to the fact that in almost every game there is a partner who will entertain you with various bonuses - alcohol shots, beer, wine, tastings of various dishes.

Choose your city adventure

Attention of all experienced quests fans!

Mysteria City - first of all, it is cultural and entertainment project, and only then - quest. Therefore you shouldn't expect sophisticated riddles, cunning mechanisms and wrapped up puzzles - we invite you to take a break, relax and have a good time in the company of your friends! And we will make your time interesting and memorable.

How is
everything happening

How is everything happening

Very simple! You buy a game, get an email with instructions, starting point and a button to start the game. When you decide to play, you go to the indicated place and click "start the game" directly from the letter. Following the legend of the game, complete the tasks and get the maximum buzz from the game.

Who can

Who can participate

A team of two to ten people can take part in the game. It is a great entertainment for birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, family walks or corporate events. If you are more than ten - no problem! Contact us and we will arrange everything for you with no muss, no fuss.

When can
you play

When can you play

It all depends on the game, but as a rule, in most of our city quests you can play any day of the week. If the game has restrictions on days of the week or time, it will be indicated on the page describing a specific quest.