Game rules

By registering the game, the participants confirm they were introduced to the game rules and they take up full responsibility for following these rules, as well as they are fully responsible for their health condition.

The members of the game team confirm they won’t have any complaints connected with lost goods, injuries received due to their negligence, undervaluation of rules or due to other participants’ fault. During the game, it is prohibited to damage the property of bars and municipal property. All tasks in the game are logical thinking oriented and don’t require the use of physical force.


  • The participants should have with them a mobile device (a cell phone or a tablet) with permanent Internet connection.
  • For the case of mobile device’s battery discharge a changing device should be taken with, a powerbank or a spare mobile device (a mobile device of other participant of the game is also an appropriate solution).
  • In case of mobile device’s battery discharge, you can proceed with the game by clicking // and entering the initialization code.
  • The participants of the game should have their money with them to be able to use the special offers of the venues.
Important! In case you have planned to play holidays, be sure to contact us by phone +37123771723 or e-mailing to to clarify the availability of the game. On such days, they may work for short or be closed.


The technical support service should NOT be contacted if:
  • The participants cannot solve the riddle. The participants should wait for the last clue.
  • The participants cannot find the location of a bar or a sightseeing place. The participants should wait for the last clue.
  • The participants enter the wrong answer.
  • The participants enter the answer in Cyrillic script, not in Latin characters.
  • All of the mobile devices of the participants connected to the Internet got discharged.
  • The participant’s Internet is not running. Most probably the problem is that the bar has bad network coverage. The participants should go outside to provide a good signal for their mobile device.
The technical support service should be contacted if:
  • The participants cancel the game.
  • The website is not working or sends any errors. Please check the Internet signal prior to calling.
  • The reasons not mentioned above occur.


All prices indicated in euros

  • Game booking and payment are made simultaneously.
  • The number of participants of one game cannot exceed the number indicated in game description. Except for the situations when separately agreed with administration.
  • The participant confirms the booking of the game by the transaction off full amount for the game.
  • Right after the successful payment, the letter will be sent to the e-mail address indicated during the registration, confirming the game is booked. Please make sure you check your Spam folder.
  • Online with a debit or credit card (VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro и MasterCard).
  • The payment can also be made in cash or by a transaction after preapproved by the phone +37123771723.
Right to cancellation:
  • You have the right to cancel your booking no later than 72 hours after the payment. You can cancel the booking in advance by calling +37123771723 or e-mailing to
  • If a customer who ordered or bought the game is legally incompetent or does not hold responsibility for the order/purchase, the responsibility for the order/purchase will be held by its legal representative (for example, parents, trustees). In such case the order is not cancelled and the money are not subject to refund.
  • In the event that the composition of the team changes and you wish to reduce the number of players, you must report this no later than 24 hours before the start of the game by calling +37123771723 or e-mailing to When returning funds, a fee of 10% of the total refund amount is charged.
During the game
  • The game begins after the initialization code is being entered on the page of //
  • The participants constantly receive riddles, clues and other notifications necessary to complete the game
  • During the game the participants get around the city, solving riddles on the territories of venues and on the streets of the city.
  • If due to some reasons the participants cannot solve a riddle, they use clues that appear during the game process.
  • Mysteria City protects the basic rights and freedoms of individuals.
  • Your personal information (name, address, e-mail, phone number) are required for processing of the order, provision of service and support to you. Your personal information is strictly confidential and will not be retrieved to the third parties.
  • In cases prescribed by the law, Mysteria City must reveal the personal data to state and municipal organizations.
  • Mysteria City takes whatever actions possible to provide security to your personal information in order to protect it from theft, inappropriate usage, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, transition and damage.
  • The customer agrees with personal data being processed.
We are always happy to answer your questions!